Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Watching the coverage of 41's funeral. Good planning that they had Trump arrive last and sit him on the end so Melania is a buffer between him and the other Presidents. Jimmy Carter looks good—I worry about his health.

W. looks like he’s barely holding it together—the family went to the Capitol to escort the body and you could see on his face that he’s very emotional today.


In other news I had my first cataract surgery yesterday—the procedure was ok, I got a little freaked out because when I took the covering off late yesterday my vision was horrible, but it’s better today—I chose the distance lens implant but I’m a little worried because I have like NO vision at all close up in that eye.

My follow up appointment is tomorrow. I did call the dr’s office this am so I didn’t make myself crazy worrying—they said that is normal and they will correct it with my new glasses, but I can’t exactly figure out how that is all going to work. I will have 2 weeks like this—with one good eye to be able to read with, then the second surgery and then I’ll have no good eyes for reading until they make my new glasses so I need to kind of pin that down at my appointment tomorrow. I need to be able to work while this is going on —not take 3 weeks off for it. I spoke with the Dr and she said she would be able to show me tomorrow.

Talk about anything!!!

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