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Mid-day OT

I had an early appointment today and I just got home and my power was out. I called to report it and it was an area-wide thing and they had it back up in like 1/2 an hour. We are on a little local power company and I swear, they are just sooooo good. We rarely have outages and when we do it is always fixed quickly.

So this morning I had my first doctor appointment with a new primary care doctor. I’ve been having really bad low blood pressure for months and my old doctor (who I really like) was just not doing much for me. At our last appointment it was like he had totally forgotten what I was there for. He had referred me to an endocrinologist who did a workup and didn’t find any issues that would be causing it, so I had a follow up with him 2 weeks later to plan the next step....and he had .....nothing.


So I did some research and there is a practice a couple of towns away that is owned by the local hospital and all of the doctors there had good ratings when I went online to some of the dr rating sites. I had also gone to the same hospital’s urgent care clinic about a year ago and got excellent care there, so I felt like maybe this practice would be the same.

I was feeling terrible today —woke up dizzy and shaky—and I was having those symptoms when I got there. They did more in a 1/2 hour appointment than my other doctor has done in 3 months. She did an EKG, sent me to their in-house lab for bloodwork, put me on a prescription for now to boost my blood pressure, and made 2 follow up appointments with her Nurse Practitioner and with her (she’s out of town next week) and referred me to a cardiologist and made that appointment for me.


She is a very quiet, soft-spoken person—but for someone who has never met me she went through my chart and pinpointed things immediately that should have been done.
So I’m hopeful. Going over to pick up the prescription in a little while-and I’m hoping it helps. This weird dizziness is getting OLD.

Talk about anything. I am working so I may be in and out with responding.

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