Dating complaining to follow.....

So I've been trying to date and I suck at it. Mostly, I just seem to find guys really... boring. They don't seem to have anything to talk about. I mean, I live alone, but I go to museums. I check out plays. I read books with words. I'm not jetting off to Svenborgia but I've left the state.

Today I had coffee with a guy who had nothing to say. He works from home doing IT stuff. He doesn't seem to go out with friends. I asked about his weekend plans and he said he usually spends his time watching tv and hanging out. Which is fine, I'm a huge TV slut, but ..... something? Anything?

Then he sends me a note saying I have his number and I should call him if I want to talk or go out. Wow, thanks. Way to make an effort there. I am not Julie the cruise director, here to provide you with a buffet of things to do.

Another guy and I were having a nice little chitty chat and then he started saying that my answers to the OKC questions were turning him on. What? Apparently because I answered that I'd slept with someone on the first date. Which, hi, I'm in my 40s. I've also slept with more than one person too.


I told him I actually hadn't been in a relationship in a while, and then he started telling me how he was horny and masturbated a lot. I said - dude, you're 40. Can you not have a conversation like a grown man? WHY WHY?

tl;dr I'm now watching all the seasons of Glee. I am never getting laid again ever.


Edited to add: I made the mistake of telling this to one of my friends who said that maybe I was being too picky, because there are a lot of single women about there, and not a lot of men want to date big women. (I'm a size 22.) I told her that was true, but I wasn't a settling kind of girl. (she did.) Grrr.