Good morning y’all!

I’m up here updating my resume, which is always tedious but certainly necessary and I will be applying for some other jobs this AM. I ran into an old manager of mine at the speakeasy I frequent and he moved on from our company last year, He’s very happy, making better money, and generally looks fantastic. He said he’d put in a great word for me - when we worked together, we were each other’s lifeline and he even told his now-wife as much. I’m glad to have run into him because he’s a great guy and the company he works for is growing well and apparently is hiring for just about every department, and several positions in them. There are great benefits, including an open vacation policy (FUCK YES).

Other than that, I plan to sleep today since I hit the ground running when I got back from Vietnam on Monday; I also booked my birthday trip, so I have even more to look forward to!

Oh, and Nyomi is just over 10 months old and she’s walking! Not the two-steps-and-fall-on-her-butt walking, but full on run-after-you-because-I-want-some-of-your-food walking. The week before I went on my trip, she was taking two steps and falling. I came back and she walked to me from across the room with her bottle in hand and a smile on her face. This kid is insanely athletic - I can’t wait to see how she grows.

How are you lovely folks??