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Middle of the Night Midlife (?) Crisis

So. I look young for my age and this question has been plaguing me lately: what is the minimum age one has to be to be considered a cougar and/or what is the maximum age gap that can be considered not unduly creepy or absurd? Because I'm finding suddenly that at my age (35) all the guys hitting on me who are my age are married and all the single ones are like...23.


And yeah, I know they're technically adults now but Jesus...the maturity and experience gap is just staggering. Some of them are hot though. But I feel utterly ridiculous even entertaining flirtation with them. I just want to pat them on the head, buy them a Capri Sun and give them career advice.


What say you GTers? Is this all in my mind? I mean, leave aside the touchy feely nonsense about how I can do what I want and no one can judge me...because people do judge and sometimes it's for good reason.

BTW I gave myself permission to hop in the sack with a young'un on Valentine's Day because A) Valentine's Day, B) tequila and C) I actually hadn't even considered he might be that much younger than me until he tried to get me to watch Tosh.0 and offered me a post-coital pudding snack. But I don't think I could do it again sober and knowingly.

So am I young enough that I should not be enbarassed? Or old enough to know better? Or...?

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