I woke up at 1:30 am with the horrible thought that my aunt was abandoning her trailer and left me with the keys.

We told her when we signed a contract for the first house we were going to buy. She told us she had talked to the trailer park then and they were interested in buying but wouldn’t go further until we had a date and started packing up the house. It was a HUD home and every step of the process was horribly drawn out. After 4 extensions and so much frustration, we started looking again. The house we moved into was much easier and only took 3 weeks to close. Because of our other expereience, we didn’t say anything until the week we were supposed to close. I knew the park wanted to see the inside of the trailer and let her know that we were available if they’d set up a time.

The week after we moved I reminded her that she still had stuff in the storage shed from when she lived there. She said she would be down until this last weekend. I went to let her and her husband in and they said they had been to the office and she asked me to keep the keys and be the contact for when the park wanted to look at the inside. I had just woken up from a nap so it didn’t raise any flags.

When I talked to my mom and mentioned how much she left, Mom’s reaction was something along the lines of, “So she’s letting someone else clean up her mess.”

My brain, at 1:30 decided to kick me awake with the idea that she is abandoning the trailer and hasn’t been trying to set up a sale at all. It shouldn’t have any consequence on me because nothing is in my name, but now I can’t sleep and I can’t remember if my husband got his kayak out from under the other house. Why do I have to care about my aunt having an eviction and foreclosure? Why can’t she be semi-responsible or at least honest with me?


I’ve been laying in bed for the last 2 hours rehersing conversations I will probably never actually have. Tomorrow is going to be hell.