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Middle Schoolers Have Terrible Hygiene

I have had posting privileges for a month (Thanks Chritter and mod team!) but I've been so damn busy herding cats (aka teaching 6th and 8th grade) that I haven't posted yet.

It's my first year teaching, and somehow I ended up teaching language arts in addition to social studies. My BA is in anthro, so you can imagine which class I like more. I digress.

Yesterday, I gave my first social studies test of the trimester. Ahhh, you think, an opportunity for an hour or two of quiet grading, planning and/or dicking around on the internet.



I spent the 2 periods listening to horrendous sniffling, coughing and hacking. And do these kids cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough? Do they get up and wash their hands? (My classroom has a sink and soap dispenser; it used to be a science classroom.) Hell-to-the-no! They just let those germs fly.

Of course I woke up with my first teacher cold of the year. My record, the year I was subbing and student teaching, was 8 colds in a 5 month span. Let's see how 2013-14 plays out.

PS Send me your soup and tea remedies, please.

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