Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

1. I finally found the damn compose button. Somebody give me a cookie, or a Werthers, or something.

2. Thanks to you lovely groupthinkers, our bracket poll on Tuesday got lots and lots of votes! You're helping to keep this contest interesting.


3. Come vote some more! Everyone is welcome, no registration required. All four polls will be open until tomorrow afternoon.

The full bracket, with printable PDF.

First MMMIV bracket poll (this is the one I posted on Tuesday)

Second MMMIV bracket poll

Third MMMIV bracket poll

Fourth MMMIV bracket poll

On Monday, there will be an officially updated bracket with the top 32, and voting will resume from Tuesday to Friday again next week.


Here's a .gif of one of the anticipated front runners, because .gifs.

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