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Midnight Texas Anyone Read The Books Or Will Watch Series?

I have not seem Charlaine Harris’ True Blood tv series. I read the first six books and thought they were good but a bit “give me a break” like Queen of Vampires in New Orleans (of course where else sigh) and Vampire Elvis plus fairy godmothers or whatever.

I vastly preferred Lyndsay Sands Argenou books or the Undead And Unwed though that at times jaw droppingly stupid. Argenou was more looselyconnected except for the matriach Margeurite who appeared in just about every novel, she played matchmaker and got into silly situations over it. Also still shocked no Anita Blake series thought IFC was suppose to have done this about 7 years ago.


So how does Midnight Texas novels stack up to the Stookie Stackhouse novels? I believe Harris also wrote a traditional mystery series which I never read.

Is the producers and showrunners behind True Blood involved with Midnight Texas?

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