The day is here.

Yup. Woke up at 4am, realizing I was going over the difference between standard deviation and the variance (variance is standard deviation squared!). Regardless, I woke the fuck up because I was so rudely roused from a very nice dream. But I'm used to waking up at like, 5am, so whatever.

I don't want to jinx anything, but I feel pretty prepared. I went over everything with my tutor, I talked to my professor, and I've been taking notes like hell. I have all the formulas (and hopefully the professor will stay true to her word and put them on the test). I'm going to read every question very slowly, and go through what it's asking.

I've never gotten above a D in every math test I've ever taken. I hope-like all the other times-that this will be different. My dad used to tutor me until 10pm every day during high school. I hate math. But I've actually figured out if I learn statistics, I could maybe gamble one day. Not the best aspiration, but it could be worth it.

Also wearing my lucky underwear, tee, and necklace. Because luck.

Some gifs about my feels:


How I feel right now:

What I'm going to do to the midterm:


What I'm thinking:

Because the Comedian laughing is...ok I don't know, I just really like this one. Watchmen 4 Lyfe:


How I'm gonna react to the words that explain statistics. Also because RDJ:

And because this is what I'll be doing after:


(I know, bad VV and her Parliament Light 100s)

And this is going to be how I am when it's done and I get my well deserved mani/pedi and possible shopping spree tomorrow:


And this quote from Hunter:

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro" -Because, lets face it, stats can be strange, but so am I.

So wish me luck, and send me some of your favorite gifs. Boom. VV out.