Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery


1) I've just had the best 365 days of my life.

2) I'm drinking Swedish cider.

3) My husband's passed out because I got up such an exceptional feast for dinner

4) I'm dressed head-to-toe in new black

5) My toes are dug deep into my amazing rug that brings me irrational joy every day


6) I'm full of Vietnamese pork belly

7) My camera bag was an incredible present but worth every penny

8) We've had three unexpected and increasingly lucrative freelance jobs turn up in the past month


9) It's warm enough that flipflops are for sale on the high road so my blisters can heal untortured

10) I got 91% on a Spanish essay I didn't study for

11) My plastic earrings look reasonably realistic as pearls when my hair's down

12) I'm torn between my two airport lounge club memberships for my next trip

13) This top-notch winter coat becomes a first-class spring coat once the fur collar's unclipped


14) I live in a world where translators can take the stage before a sold-out crowd to discuss their literary works down to the comma; we only made it through the first three-hundred words in an hour and a half

15) I know how to use semicolons, which feels natural to me but is apparently Special


16) Also Special is, I now know, my ability to put on mascara and make it look good

17) I have never felt impressed enough by any of my own comments on any blog to post them in their own right and therefore don't need to roll my eyes at myself


18) The last two shower gels I got in gift bags are both fantastic and I can't decide which smells nicer

19) My honeymoon is going to be at least 40 per cent free

20) I started two new projects that I wasn't even planning – they just happened without me even thinking about them


Et toi? ¿Cuáles son sus mejores momentos? Жизнь удивительна.

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