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Welcome To The Bitchery


Illustration for article titled MIDWEEK EXCELLENCE (TW: happiness)

Here are my current favourite things. I would very much like to hear yours, too.

1. Someone just sent me an unexpected £1,000

2. I just got offered an unexpected extra freelance project

3. I made up a dance to the Game of Thrones theme music and my husband was amused


3. I have a tan

4. I have freckles

5. I'm reliving my travels in real time while editing my 2,500 photos (not an exaggeration)


6. I'm getting promoted

7. Subtle website redesigns are proving very pleasing

8. Comfy plimsolls are comfy

9. Some interesting people have been liking my work

10. My manicure looks incredible

11. Christmas-trip planning is far enough in advance to be low pressure and close enough to look forward to


12. My friend is working on an excellent kids art project that I"m helping with a tiny bit

13. Two photoshoots this summer are taking us to two new cities

14. I went back to a country I'd only spent eight hours in before when I was a kid and had been wanting to revisit ever since, and it was amazing


15. The mozzarella and pesto wrap I just had was surprisingly delicious

16. Titus Andronicus at the Globe was TREMENDOUS and you should see it if you can (and I didn't faint)


17. The smoothie at the café down the street is still as good as it was before I left town

18. I'm getting 95% or more on all my Spanish essays

19. My dad is excited for my Fathers' Day brunch for him

20. I have tennis tickets

21. Our spectacularly luxurious honeymoon cost us only pauper prices

22. I have a bunch of new favourite photographers thanks to this site: http://www.tinyatlasquarterly.com


23. I'm not pregnant


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