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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Midweek good things - starting with Dress Update

This week is annoying the shit out of me on professional grounds. In personal grounds, I have good things. After all that dress nonsense, I’ve got it sorted, so I thought I’d give an update as to which online shops I found to be worth it if you have upstairs volume to account for. I ordered from Asos, AX Paris, Lavish Alice, Missguided, and Boohoo, and they were all surprisingly fine. Hilariously, I wound up with two dresses! One’s from Boohoo, which was DIRT CHEAP and fits surprisingly amazingly. If you order from them, hella vanity sizing, so round down. Oh also, it turns out a bodycon/lace combo covers all fat roll sins. Here they are:

AXParis (this one makes me feel like a mermaid and is not really weddingy enough, cos it’s grey but fuck it, I’m keeping it.)


Then plot twist: I showed these to a friend of mine over beer and she told me... she’s getting divorced and feels no attachment to her wedding dress, she had a gigantic train made of ivory raw silk, and she wants to HANDMAKE me a dress out of it, for free and following a design I want.

Holy shit.

So that’d be me getting married in a handmade friend-heirloom dress, and a handmade knitted shrug, both made by local Scottish crafty people. And, the shrug’s using wool from a Shetland sheep/merino sheep cross... both of which are my jam... wow.


So that’s my good thing. What’s yours?

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