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Migraine peoples?

I have migraines myself and I know there are several of us here that have discussed the treatments we use. I am wondering if, of the chronic migraineurs here, anyone started getting treatment while in their teens?

It appears my son has inherited my family curse - my mom used to get bad migraines, and she can remember her dad occasionally taking to bed with headaches, but she used to just think he was hungover or in a bad mood. My mom's seemed to dramatically decrease after she had her hysterectomy and mine are definitely tied to my cycle, so I'm at a loss here with my poor son. His seem to have really come on with the onset of puberty, though. At first I thought they were the result of him getting dehydrated, because twice he got hit really bad during P.E. - so bad he fell over vomiting and got disoriented and the school had to call either me or his dad to pick him up. But the last few have been later in the day and have been after school and he's been home, not physically exerting himself. He feels them coming on, but they come pretty quickly and hit hard. The one time I was at work and he called and was in such pain he was slurring his words and it scared me so bad I dropped everything I sped home because I thought he might have something neurological going on.


Each time he gets one, I ask if he wants to go to the E.R. and he doesn't want to move. I'm wondering if he can get a prescription for a quick-acting migraine med (like Imitrex or Zomig) as a teen or if those are for adults only. Anyone happen to know? It just takes so long for Excedrin to kick in (and sometimes he throws it up) and since he can feel one coming on, I think one of those kinds of meds could work well for him.

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