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Migraine sufferers—come one, come all! Let us commiserate!

I normally might have one migraine (I get vestibular migraines, sometimes pain free but often with the pain) a week, which isn’t ideal but has been manageable without getting on meds. I just had a hellish week, though, where I literally had a migraine everyday Monday-Saturday.


I know it is probably related to last week being a confluence of my magick lady moontimes and a horribly stressful work week. But damn. If it happens again this week I’m going to have to go see somebody about some meds!

Any other migraine peeps out there? What kind do you get and what do you do to manage?

I usually pop 3 Excedrin migraine as soon as I feel it coming on and hide in my work bathroom or a quiet room (open offices are THE WORST) for 15 minutes with my eyes closed. Obviously, this doesn’t always pan out well when work is so busy that I literally can’t sneak away to pee, much less coddle my brain. It doesn’t take away all the symptoms, but I can at least be functional and cut the pain off as it starts.

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