GTers: Who gets migraines? Don't they suck? What do you do about them?

I actually do not get migraines. It's poor Mr. MacNasty who is beset by them. He went to the emergency room about 10 years ago because one was so bad and that's when they ran brain scans and told him they were not, in fact, alien brain raccoons devouring the sweet creamy center of his skull but just old-fashioned migraines.

So, if you or a loved one has migraines, let me ask you what seems to help. I know everyone is different but it's so frustrating to watch him suffer and not be able to help. His migraines come on slowly; he'll know a day or two ahead of time that one seems to be building. He gets throbbing that increases and then he knows it's coming on full force when his vision goes completely wonky. Sometimes it will just totally blur (which terrifies me because christ, what if he's DRIVING or something?!) and often he gets these zig-zags of light that zip across his left or both eyes. Then it's just unmitigated pain and suffering for at least 4 — 6 hours. He usually can't sleep right away because it will hurt him to close one or both eyes but when he eventually sleeps, that helps a lot. Then he's drained, though, for several days. He's just weak and disoriented and describes his head as "tender." He had medication (sumatriptan) he can take; this time he took it as soon as his vision went haywire but it didn't seem to do anything. Usually it doesn't help, to be honest. He's tried altering his diet (to low tyramine) but that also doesn't seem to have done much. He's tried more and less caffeine. No discernible difference either way. They began about ten years ago and his doctor has told him they will likely taper off when he's in his 50s (he's early 40s now). She prescribed the sumatriptan but was at a loss to further medical help. She said that migraines just suck and you have to live with them.

So, what have you tried that has worked or not worked? Any suggestions?