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Mike And Frank Should Have Said "Let's Get Marie O'Day A Proper Burial"

We were watching the latest episode of American Pickers. The person they were picking from his late father was into circus and sideshow memoribilia. You know what a shipping truck looks like. Well often times on these shows folks have them in their backyard minus the cab. Its just the container.

Inside was a stuffed python and a wax Elvis. Mike paid 600 for the wax Elvis, it seriously did not look like him. Well Mike and Frank were shown a tall case. The owner opened it and inside glass and behind the glass a mummified dead woman murdered in 1925.She has been on exhibit from.the 30s to mid70s then the owners father bought out this collection with the mummified woman.


Why didn’t Mike and Frank, who thankfully did not make an offer to buy, say “Why don’t we help you find the woman’s descendents or relatives so she can have a proper burial not rest in a truck’s storage bin.”.


Instead the son closed the case and they walked out.

Anyone familiar with this murder case? I never heard of it. Also how is it legal to possess a dead body let alone exhibit it?

I hope this episode spurs someone to go to North Carolina and give her a proper burial back home.

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