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Miley and Lily sitting in a tree...

I had the following convo today on Twitter w a Freelance writer from Bustle:

  1. Kelsea Stahler @KelseaStahler 3h
  2. I'm sorry, but what part of Lily Allen's video screams "Miley" specifically? Miley doesn't own overt sexuality & objectification, you know.

whitegirlbookcovers @whitegirlbkcvrs 3h

@KelseaStahler @Slate wrote an article today how Lily is poking fun at Miley's use of cultural appropriation and using black women as props

Kelsea Stahler @KelseaStahler 3h

@whitegirlbkcvrs @Slate I read it, I suppose I was focused less on race than her commentary on blanket objectification of women


And it just made me think: Of course all the white girls who love this video aren't going to think about the race politics. Irony with Miley or not #solidarityisforwhitewomen

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