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Miley Cyrus raps Baby Got Back at New Orleans karaoke bar

Get out of this fucking town, Miley Cyrus. I'm not even joking right now.

This is the town that invented bounce music; a subgenre of hip hop that should be known for it's infective call and response style and it's unique acceptance of gay and trans performers in the hip hop world. These are the people whom you appropriated twerking from, taking one single dance move from an entire genre and reducing it down to a fucking punchline; something for white people to first gawk at and then laugh at.


So I feel like it takes a lot of goddamn gall to show up and start rapping at a local karaoke bar. A karaoke bar that before they were threatened with lawsuits, used to shut their doors every year during the Essence festival and the Bayou Classic simply because they didn't want to deal with the huge influx of black people entering town on those weekends.

I get it, you're alll grown up. That's fine. Stick your tongue out and talk about pot. Wear sexy clothes. But stop with all the appropriation bullshit. You can be edgy and bold without being racist.

And please leave. I hate that you're here.

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