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Millennials destroy another time-honored tradition.

The New York Times is sad to inform you that voicemails are now just a thing of the past.

When her clients do deign to leave messages, she often finds them lacking polish.

"I coach them to be professional," she said. "Not to say, 'Hey, this is Bob, call me,' and then hang up. I tell them to say hello, state their full name and a full message, and 'I would appreciate a call back, thank you.' "

"It's kind of awkward to leave voice mails now," said Chris Paul, 22, a recent graduate of Duquesne University. "The expectation is that we send each other text messages, and if you wanted to talk to someone, you'd answer their calls."

When he is forced to record his voice, he is a little anxious. "If it's in a professional setting," he said. "I've worked for a few political campaigns, and we're not allowed to text. It's a little nerve-racking."


The most scandalous part?

Nevertheless, at least one other 22-year-old leaves voice mail for her mother (and her boyfriend, but no one else), albeit for less professionally minded reasons. "If I don't leave her a voice mail, she won't call me back," said Joy Kertes, a senior at Wagner College on Staten Island. Why not?

"She'll think I butt-dialed her," she said.

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