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Millions Left Out Because of Republicans

I hate to argue or even bring up politics. It mostly just angers the blood, but I didnt know how bad it has become until now.

I've just started really catching up on whats going on. Real Talk, Republicans are doing a phenomenon job as sabotaging the country tho.

This is 100 percent the fault of Republicans. After the Supreme Court gave states the right to opt out, it was Republican governors and state legislatures that made the choice to opt out. Not surprisingly, as the New York Times notes, single moms and black Americans are being hit hardest:

The 26 states that have rejected the Medicaid expansion are home to about half of the country’s population, but about 68 percent of poor, uninsured blacks and single mothers. About 60 percent of the country’s uninsured working poor are in those states. Among those excluded are about 435,000 cashiers, 341,000 cooks and 253,000 nurses’ aides.



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