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Millions Of Americans Believe God Made Trump President

This article is one of the most effed up article. Yet I believe it.

Have a pail to vomit in. Its stomach churning how American Evangelicals can believe this unholy poop.

1. Trump must have a lot of faith since he is very wealthy. Evangelicals believe this concept of wealth and health. The more faith you have the wealthier you will be and healthier. You are healthier since wealth can get you good doctors and services. I call this “screw the poor they have no faith”. I don’t recall nuns living in mansions and driving Aston Martins. I do remember reading how Jesus and his apostles were very poor.


2. God must really really is backing Trump since he defied the odds to win the nomination. God also wants Republicans to win. I don’t recall Jesus saying “you lazy bums you have leprosy and no job yet I am suppose to cure you without pay, get a job”. Oh wait they would have had leprosy since they lacked faith.

I am really mad now. My mother often tells me a story of when she was a child a woman living by her would wake.up screaming or scream during the day due to cancer. The nuns told her she refused to donate to the Church and God was punishing her.

Also if your child has Down Syndrome or gets cancer its due to lack of faith on your part.

I cannot believe how savage and inhuman our society is going. I truly hope this will usher in the end of the Religious Right and Organized Religion but folks said the same after the Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker story. People would realize these Evangelicals were conman and flock away from itt.


Also can we stop sayng God had anything to do with this election. It was as President Obama put it “those who cling to their guns and Bible”, those who believe in bigotry, hard hearts to the poor and sick, those who believe ignorance is a virtue.

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