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Mimi_Krimi, this is a call out post...

...about the cheesy biscuits! It was so simple & they taste soooo good. I may add even more cheese next time. I was surprised how beautifully they puffed up, but not too puffy.

Cheesy goodness peektures:


Hey you, Sorcia, if you read this~ Your sausage balls were on the list until I realized it would be too much sausage since my stuffing contains it. I’m going to make those at Christmas. What is better than sausagey balls?

Tip: Name the dishes. Write a slip of paper for every dish (or have your partner do it while you make cranberry sauce) and then pull out the actual dish you want to serve it on/in. It saves time when you’re trying to put out a hot feast and helps to “make the pretty.”


All of the serving dishes I bought at thrift shops over the past few days. Mr. 4th had nothing. That’s one of my favorite old tablecloths, too, covering the buffet table.


Obviously, I’m excited about this holiday cooking business :)

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