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Mind Blown Guys!

So, I've been learning German on the Duolingo app on my phone. I have just been going through my lessons and getting annoyed when it tried to trick me with Sie and Sie being different sometimes. Bitch couldn't even tell me why! And then I'd get the same thing with Ihr and Du! I was losing my mind.

Well, I wanted to change my display image to better match the one from here on GT and when I did I realized I could "play" online! Exciting!

So I log in, and online I can click on all of the words in a sentence individually and bring up what that word means and even bring up conjugation tables!


I am so excited guys!
Now I can learn online and not have to randomly guess. I am actually learning grammar!

I highly recommend doing it online, and then brushing up on the phone when you don't want as much help. There are even timed practice modes and all kinds of cool helpful tools (and the owl wears a workout suit, too cute). Also, I'm now addicted to this, thanks NYCyclist!

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