I am off today and it’s about to start storming like there is no tomorrow. I am also procrastinating on two projects so here I sit on my couch in the living room marathon-ing Revenge on Netflix. Because, why not?

Also it’s great escapism to pretend I am some rich-snotty-east coaster with money to burn who does nothing but throw parties and plot revenge on people.

This show is terrible and great in uneven measurements. The first season was like a juicy bit of gossip from the elite every week... then it turned into a really bloated and sub-plot heavy soap opera in the second season until they killed off a slew of people. (RIP Declan and Amanda/Real Emily Thorne).

Anyone else secretly keep up on the this awesomely bad prime-time soap opera?

For anyone curious the premise started off pretty simple. A young girl named Amanda Clark had her life ruined when she was very little. Her house was raided and her father arrested by the Feds for terrorism charges. She was thrown into foster care, all at the hands of her neighbor’s, the very rich and powerful Grayson’s. Amanda returns to the South Hamptons as Emily Throne, billionaire orphaned heiress and moves into what was her childhood home. Unfolding a tangled web of lies and deceit in an effort to unravel the Grayson family and all those involved with her father’s imprisonment and death.

Rich with potential to be great or terribly outlandish and soap-y.

It’s filled with terribly cheesy lines:


Alas like a lot of good shows out there, it suffered from being a 22 episode format. I think with 12 episodes or even as a mini-series this show could’ve been great. But dragging it out for four years, whew ... you start to wonder when Emily was actually going to get Revenge or just move in with The Grayson’s already...