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I love this show.
I’ve watched it since the beginning when I had access to Showtime regularly. I’ve kept up with it with friends sending me links, DVDs, etc... and now I have Showtime Anytime. I am trying to finish up season five as they are beginning pre-production for season 6 right now.

Spoilers ahead!

Fiona — Watching her character spiral into the self-indulgent, sanctimonious messy matriarch has been frustrating and hard to watch. Especially whenever it involves Jimmy/Steve who seems to be her trigger into chaos and drug abuse. Through out season four we watched her screw up over and over again, with no light at the end of the tunnel until she was released from prison early. She was taken under the wing by Regina King’s hard-knocks P.O. and manager of Patty’s Pies Jeffrey Dean Morgan (who needs to stop doing cameos and getting my hopes up only to run away to another project. Damn that talented man). Watching her torpedo her life after she enters recovery, gets a decent job and seems to be on the up and up. Marries a pretty decent guy (though pretty quickly) and then screw it all to hell with JIMMY was just a gut punch. I am kind of over Fiona at the moment.

Lip — Lip’s story has been interesting and frustrating. Like Fiona he’s got a lot of demons and a lot of issues that he struggles with that come up to haunt him in dialogue and action. (More on that in a minute). The best part is his issue with class and his place in the system. He was so comfortable being white trash/poor in the first few seasons. But when he got exposed to the options that an education (a real one, not just being brilliant and street smart) could bring and friends in higher places opens his eyes. When you see that longing to belong in his face, but that need to not be trash any more. It’s heart breaking.

Ian — This is where it starts to hurt in a good way. He is so out of control it’s painful to watch. I just finished his manic arc, from the hoarding of stolen luggage from the airport to him stealing Mickey’s baby on a doomed road trip. The acting is just phenomenal... And it’s so heart breaking that he inherited this from Monica and how much they talked about it being a possibility in the first two seasons.

Carl — Kid’s dumb, and selling drugs. Nothing really new here. He serves as the comedic relief. Hoping that selling drugs will help him math, though.

Debbie — I haven’t invested in Debbie’s story. It as usual is mostly filler, tying some of the other minor plots together, mostly Carl’s story. But they made an interesting comment on rape in her story. When she sexually assaults her friend while he is intoxicated all in a desperate attempt to lose her virginity. It brings up icky feelings about how Lip views women, and sex though “How can you rape a guy?” and his preoccupation with her sexuality and her not being the one who got raped. It as an uncomfortable few scenes and used comedy to convey that what she did was NOT okay all without sensationalizing.


Kev & Vee — I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I mean, I get that Kev is embracing being a father but also pushing away Vee at the same time. But I can’t quite place what the hell is going on with Vee. Who makes an ultimatum “If you go check on our kids I’m leaving you...” Girl, what? Bye.

Sammi & Sheila — I need her to get out. Pack up that gross kid and get out. Bring Sheila back. Though I am happy knowing Sheila is free and seeing the world in her RV. I hope she doesn’t go to see Karen because while brain damaged Karen was a terrible person before and I just want Sheila safe and away from terrible people.

Micky & Mandy — Watching Micky grow as character has been one of the best things to come out of this show. He’s shown so many parts to his personality in the last five years, growing from being a selfhating homophobe to embracing his love for Ian and being gay, to sticking up for his sister and quitting the abuse they inflicted on one another. Mandy however is breaking my heart. Kenyatta and her are terribly stereotypical and I want more for the girl that was Ian’s beard in middle school, and opened up Lip’s heart when Karen kept smashing it. I am worried something terrible will happen to both of them.

Please tell me I am not the only person on GT who’s into this and gotten this far.

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