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Hey all :) Just a quick short notice on some reported issues:

Lately we’ve seen lots of people reporting glitches resulting in an inability to post to the forum or other blogs/sub-blogs. People have come to us wondering if they were banned without reason/announcement. What’s really happening is they’re falling victim to this response glitch. Remember that if you were actioned, mods would certainly alert you as to why and what can be done about it. We do not ban known commenters without warning. If you wind up dealing with this glitch, we mods can’t fix it but do have some recommendations. Clear your browser out (ie clear cache, clear old browser data, try re-logging in, restart your browser) or try another browser. You might also see if going into an incognito window helps. If, however, you’ve tried all of this and you still can’t get things going, contact tech (help@gawker.com or fill something out/gain other contact info here http://help.gawker.com/) and see if they can help clear it up. Clearly describe the problem, steps you’ve taken to solve it, what browser you’re using, etc. The more information provided is usually all the better for tech help.

Hopefully that settles things, but of course as these sorts of bugs and glitches go we’ll have to do some waiting and seeing. But we do sincerely hope it’s fixed up soon. Thanks, everyone!


-Mod Squad

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