So I got married. Post supreme court overturn of DOMA and in a state that already recognized gay marriage (yeah!). I added my lovely new wife to my benefits at work. I realized the other day that she was listed as a domestic partner and that I was paying imputed taxes (…) to the tune of over $100 per pay period. Fort those who don' know what imputed taxes are it works like this. Married people and individuals pay for their health benefits with pretax $. When you add a domestic partner, you pay with post tax $ and you pay federal (and state income) taxes on the full value of the health benefits as if they were income. So you pay tax on "income" that isn't even income.

I spoke to HR, and they were doing it because they needed to consult some experts and a lawyer about my marriage. I know it is new and confusing, but I've been a second class citizen for so long and paid $1,000s and $1,000's of $$ in imputed taxes over the years. It just mad me so angry. IRRATIONALLY ANGRY.

The upside is they are now almost convinced that my marriage is legit.