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.. that means nothing because finally my headache seems to be at Tiny Gnomes Hammering with Marshmallows level instead of Macy's Day Parade Sized Gnomes on Steroids with Crazy Sharp Picks level.

I love GIFs. We all love GIFs. Moving GIFs are the shit.

Except when one is fighting a migraine.. because then I hate all GIFs and, by a slimmer margin, everyone who is using them. (I adore you all.)


"Why, Couch.." you say, ".. why don't you just avoid GT until you feel better?" This is logical, but I might headbutt anyone who tries to take away my Groupthink. We all feel this way, I suppose. I don't want to go lay down in a dark room, there's nothing on tv, the book I'm reading is the size of my klutzy potbellied furball and isn't as fun to cuddle, and I really would rather sit here and be a grouchy miserable lump in my chair.

That is all. Please don't stop the GIFs. GIFs are our friends. (I found this while googling marshmallow hammer. Um.. )

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