Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Maybe this is an unpopular opinion. I feel like the seemingly limited space of the internet (I KNOW) is just about the Emmys. I just hate being overloaded with one, relatively unimportant topic over and over again. It's worse than people talking at me about sports.* I don't hate people who like the Emmys, or want to read about them. I just want some variety in my work procrastination! Everyone is free to like what they like. I just want to read something elsssseeeee. It's basically 70% of the mainpage right now.

*I do not care for sports, but I am totally cool with people liking them. I just don't like when people act like I'm a huge idiot because I don't like them, or try to force them on me, or do things like TELL ME WHAT PART OF THE YEAR TO HAVE MY WEDDING IN BECAUSE IT MIGHT CONFLICT WITH A FOOTBALL GAME. I guess that was a second mini-rant.


Carry on!

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