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Mini-rants about very superficial topics

Mini-rant #1. It annoys me to no end when I get a sample size of something, fall in love with it, buy the full size - and the full size is nowhere as good. This mascara is a case in point. The sample size is amazing - the brush is perfect, the mascara is dry - which I really like - and not gloopy. The full size is wet, gloopy and just not good. More distressingly, I got a sample of an Ojon conditioner that completely changed my hair - it made it feel smooth and thick (my hair is thick, but less thick when it is smoothed out - somehow this kept it thick) - and super healthy. It took forever to find the full size - maybe this company is out of business? - and when I did, the full size was horrible. It’s possible I got an imposter product - but it was so spendy, I am not trying again (although if Ojon had a website and if I could order directly through it, I might try again - it was that good) On the flip side, based on someone’s recommendation on here, I got samples of OGX’s coconut shampoo and conditioner. I really liked them, got the full size - and they are just as good. Hooray!

Mini-rant #2. Eloquii - a company I have really grown to like - has these “closet confidential” videos where they take a real person and expand their views of what they can wear. In theory, I really love the idea - but in practice, I haven’t much liked them (the styling mostly, I think - I’d like to see more creativity). In the most recent outfit, the stylist created an outfit that is really really cute, but hugely impractical. One of the outfits is a black lace short romper - that I love (quiet, I love rompers!), but a romper short to work? The stylist then layers over it a blazer - and then a belt. Like how the f&*$ do you ever pee? Then you have to get dressed all over again every single time you pee!


Mini-rant #3. Every single clothing item for sale does not need to have a cold shoulder. In fact, that trend can please just go away now. The last pic in the link above shows a jumpsuit with one of the worst examples of a cold shoulder I’ve ever seen.

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