Opinions please! My city is voting on raising the minimum wage from $9/hr to $12.25/hr, effective March 1st, 2015. I'm hugely in favor of raising the minimum wage, but I'm worried this really is too much too rapidly and would be too hard on small businesses - the kind with 10 employees and thin profit margins. I work for a small business that would be heavily impacted, although it's in a different city so wouldn't be affected. So I can't decide, although I'm leaning for.

I've been reading voter guides to understand the local elections, and it always feels like doing particularly tedious homework. For some reason I haven't gotten the CA voter guide yet, only my county one. No idea how to vote on prop 45 either - it regulates insurance companies? But there's exemptions? It gives too much power to one politician in Sacramento (favorite advertised reason to oppose props around here)? Aaaaah!

ETA: Ok, definitely voting for the minimum wage hike, thanks guys! Sorry, small businesses. Sorrynotsorry.

Now, to sift through the mayoral candidates. They all seem to want "community policing," whatever that means.