So this was fun: I took Buster to the Silver Lake off-leash park for the first time this morning, and Joe Lo Truglio (currently of Brooklyn 99, also known for The State, Wet Hot American Summer, Superbad, etc.) showed up.

I didn't realize it was him until I was already talking to his girlfriend (wife?) and trying to calm down our dogs—for some reason his dog and Buster had decided they couldn't just chase each other, they also had to bark loudly—and then I continued to pretend I didn't recognize him, and he, his girlfriend and I had a whole conversation about how ridiculous our dogs are. Very nice guy, very cute dog (I'm terrible with breeds—something small, white and fuzzy that likes to body check almost as much as Buster does), and I totally managed not to say anything embarrassing like, "Hey, I know you from TV!" or "OMG DO YOU KNOW AMY POEHLER?" so I'm counting it as a win.

Sorry, that was a very boring story! I'm just not remotely LA-native enough to run into someone I recognize (and quite like!) from TV and movies without being all excited about it.