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Welcome To The Bitchery

Edit:Doctor says he’s not actually sure what it is. Could be a bite of some sort, could’ve been an abscess. Gonna try antibiotics and see if it clears up on its own. Since he’s up on all of his shots, and he is a healthy dog that doesn’t seem bothered, he said to give it a few days and see how it goes. If it gets worse, or he seems to be in pain or starts acting weird, being him right back. I’m relieved.

My poofball spitz doggo woke up today with a literal hole in his abdomen. A hole. It’s a clean wound, no bleeding, about the size of a quarter, and it definitely wasn’t there yesterday bc I was brushing him (he loves to run in the yard and play in the dirt so has to be brushed a lot) and giving him bellyrubs. He’s actually acting fine (he’s the most chill and happy dog I’ve ever met though, so...), but I’ve been going crazy all day bc my husband had to work late, and I don’t drive and I couldn’t get him to the vet. I have to work at 6am, so my husband is dropping me off and taking him as soon as they open (and out vet isn’t even open- so this is some weird vet my dog doesn’t know), so I’m lying here trying to sleep, feeling like a terrible dog parent.


I’m also guessing he came across a fox tail and I missed it, and it worked it’s way under the skin and abcessed , and now I’m wondering how in the hell I missed that too- there was no bulge or lump! Anyway, I’m just venting- no real advice needed. Thanks for listening. Feel free to drop cute animal pictures for me.

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