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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Minor Gripes

Sometimes Mr GV just doesn’t listen to me. He’s used to being the smartest person in the room, but he forgets that I often am, too. It isn’t like there’s a constant battle of wits and we both need to win. Truth be told, he’s smarter than me, though I’m no slouch.

Why am I annoyed? We recently took in Babydaddy’s cats, both of whom were also mine since they were kittens. We raised them. I haven’t lived with these kids in 7 or so years, but I know them well. One of them needs to go to the vet (nothing serious, she has a claw that’s overgrown and is poking into her footpad). There is a process for getting them into a carrier that involves sneakily shutting doors and corralling the critter into a spot where you can grab them by the scruff of the neck, wrap ‘em in a towel and pour them into the carrier. I’m very familiar with this process and Mr GV is not. I’m leaving 30 minutes before the appointment in the hopes that I can swing by the house, grab him and the cat and get there in time. I asked him to have the cat ready to go by 3:30 and he was a little bit stymied. I suggested he start working on getting her into the carrier aroud 3:00 and it’s ok if she has to sit in it for a few extra minutes. He looked at me funny. Dude, just do it. If it doesn’t take that long, great, no worries. Just humor me because I’m probably right.


Got any minor gripes, the little nagging things that don’t feel like huge problems, the kind you feel silly griping to others about?

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