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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Minor Medical Freakout

I went in to the dermatologist for my first mole check (I’m the color of plain white copy paper, and reddish hair) last month at 38. She found one mole that she wanted to scrape biopsy and called yesterday. It’s “abnormal” and she wants to recheck in 3 weeks (4 weeks after the scrape). She didn’t grade the abnormality which I know is the usual custom. For example, Mr Nobody saw her the month before, had 2 scrape biopsies, both “mildly abnormal” and recheck in 6 mos. So now I am totally freaked out! I questioned the girl in the phone and she said it was because the photo showed the color so much darker than my other spots, and not on the lab results. Has anyone else ever lived this? I feel like I have so much medical BS (thank you multiple sclerosis!) going on all the time I just can't handle another potentially disastrous medical issue!!


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