Hi GT! It's Thursday. Everything sucks and I think I'm in the throes of an existential crisis. BUT I had a minor victory today that I'd like to share with you all in the hopes that minor personal victories become the next GT trend.

A couple of weeks ago we had a slew of fuck ups at my job that were directly linked to poor communication between myself and one of my sales reps. I hate this guy. Everyone hates this guy. He's scatterbrained and a shitty communicator. Most of the time I have to creatively interpret what he wants me to do when he sends me an email. Most of the time I'm right on, but when I can't quite figure it out and he refuses to clarify, very expensive mistakes happen.

So after the outpouring of bad mistakes recently, our boss called a meeting and lambasted us for shitty performance. Hard words to hear, but one of the main points he made was that said sales rep needed to take responsibility for his poor communication skills to minimize the mistakes I end up making. Sales rep douche was finally forced to acknowledge that he was a big part of the problem (I've been telling him this for years to absolutely no avail) and verbally committed to trying to change for the better.


Well, we had another fuck up again today, and it was 100% his fault for not communicating a very, very important detail to me. We began our usual email exchange of blame shifting until the unexpected happened: he took responsibility for his error and thanked me for all of my hard work. No telling the customer that everything was my fault. No complaining about me to my boss. Just flat out admitting that he was wrong. I've worked with this guy for two years, and this is the absolute first time that this has happened.

It's stupid and minor, but due to stress involving other things I have lost about ten pounds and drink a hell of a lot more than I used to. I'm taking this victory, damnit.