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Minor Victory

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I adulted like a boss today!

My apartment is clean, down to the dusty corners behind the toilet. My laundry is done and put away in the appropriate places, meaning I no longer have clothes all over my closet floor. My bed is made, my desk has been cleared off so I have a writing space I can focus on. My dog is well groomed, he actually has little feet under all of that fur. My shelves are organized, which was no easy feat. My printer was hooked up to the cloud. I sent a very important email today. My makeup brushes are all clean, as is my hairbrush (that thing was gross!). And to top it all off, I lit a candle so now everything smells like apple pie. I rewarded myself with an order of twinkle lights and a set of mirrors for my living room for where my pole is.


My recycling didn't go out, but let's just pretend I did that too.

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