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Minority Report was... very not good

I had the same look on my face as Meagan Good does here for much of this pilot. And yet, I’ll keep watching. Visually and tonally, this is a completely different story from the movie that you may remember back in 2002. Everything is too bright. Everything is too camp (yet the show seems to refuse to acknowledge this). The music is too... light? The main character longs for the days of the precrime program, which was shut down in the film after being discredited and shown as morally lacking.

I laughed at some of the worldbuilding. I am all for worldbuilding, especially in media set in the very near future. The future stuff was one of the best things about the movie! Comical worldbuilding in movies and TV shows set in the near future can be a good way to criticize and satirize elements of our own society that are somewhat negative. The trains were cool, and I chuckled when Vega’s mom blurted out that she met her husband on Tinder, back in the day. But the show was focused much more on the crime of the week than on either the characters or their surroundings.


But I need the series to answer a few questions for me: Why does Vega seem to wear multiple leather jackets on top of each other? Why does she basically have a boob window? And why, oh WHY, does this show feature Wilmer Valderrama? And set him up as a possible past love interest for Vega? Noooooo!

But y’all, if there’s one thing I know about myself, it’s that I love horrible TV sci-fi. So I’ll stick with it until it gets good or gets cancelled. Since Fox has shown that it’s unwilling to do even the bare minimum to ensure a good viewership of it’s recent sci-fi shows, I’m sure it will be the latter.

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