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Mira Grant Feed mehful spoilers zombie political thriller








This is between awful and meh. It was like Grant had an idea for a zombie novel and a political thriller. The political thriller was cliched and oh so predictable. Zombie side really had potential but the pt part drowned it.


It was also repetitive at times. She wrote way too many times Georgia describing her hand going into a bag which pokes needles into her skin to see if she was infected. Once ok, twice ok but so many times. Also her eye problem ok we get it do not constantly repeat it.

The zombie story had so much potential. It took place about 25 years after the dead came back. Has lots of potential. How about an On The Road type novel. Nope she planted a very predictable political thriller in the midst and it dominated last half.


She also wrote herself into a corner. The politician Georgia and her brother and Buffy followed was an honest to goodness honorable and perfect politician. The possible villians could only be two. One she wrote as a joke a stripper turned congresswoman who wears scantily clad clothes to get hits and only cared about hits, hits as in clicks on the internet. Also Georgia never met her. She ran against their politician but supported him for president a third of the way through.

Other possible villian a former military, Governor, foundamentalist from Texas. What a CLICHE. Guess who was the villian. Hint it was so predictable. Grant by writing the stripper as a joke character she could not turn her into a criminal mastermind it would not have made sense. She should have written the stripper as one who really has a strong agenda she is pushing and using wearing scantily clad outfits as aruse. Instead Grant established she only cared about hits.


Grant wrote how young people after the Rising acted differently then people before. She could have explored that more. The dead zones of Alaska and parts of US.

Somewhere between a meh and awful. Blown oppurtunities, cliches and repetitive.

Second book better?

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