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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Mirror mirror

Tonight I looked in the mirror and saw someone I didn’t recognise staring back at me.

Her once comically small head, now sits above shoulders which have gotten so slim that the proportions have turned upside down. The arms seem tiny too. They were fleshy before. Almost unappealingly so. Like a dolls arms, not made to do anything but hang there, feigning elegance with those sticky shoulders pointing out.


Her eyes have the same colour as I remember. But they are much larger now. They belong to a face that seems to have grown cheekbones almost overnight. “She’s a good eater!” Mum would say and the softness of my features would support that sentiment. Not large by any definition, but soft indeed.

It seems sterner, that face.
When I looked at it tonight.
The eyes had rings around them, making them appear even bigger. That wasn’t how I remembered them at all.


Now that I’ve seen her I understand the looks. It happened so gradually for me, I’d barely noticed without stepping on a scale.

It’s not so bad. The hips are still there, but the chest seems to have acquired a pattern of ribs. Never knew she could look so deflated.
It’s a strange look, this person in the mirror.
She doesn’t look like me at all.


“At least I’ve lost some weight!” I can hear her joke.
It’s an awkward joke, everyone can tell. But they all laugh because it’s a bit unsettling seeing someone lose so much weight for no clear reason.

I guess I’d better go get something to eat now.
Pie is my medicine, didn’t you know?
I wish I was happier about that.

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