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Misadventures in Texting

Heyyy, Internet! Let me tell you a story!*

A few days ago, I was trying to meet up with an old friend. She'd messaged me her number via Facebook, and so I plugged it into my phone and sent her a text. Unfortunately, I had mistyped the number by one digit, resulting in the unintended texting of a complete stranger with a local area code.


Without further ado, please enjoy these unedited** screencaps of the ensuing conversation! I learned how to screencap just for this post, because I love you guys.

I considered myriad responses to the selfie, which I want you all to note was sent at 6am the following morning, a Monday, and that our friend Shannon was apparently drunk enough to think that sending a selfie to a complete rando he could only hope was an elligible "chick" was a good idea. I ended up just blocking the number because honestly I was starting to get the big creep out. Who does this shit?

LIKE WHAT THE HELL GUYS?!? I've had some amusing wrong-number texts in my day, but nothing quite like this. I just don't even.


*Always in Thomas Builds-The-Fire's voice. Always.

**Only edited to preserve the privacy of our creepy friend Shannon.

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