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Misandry 4 lyfe: Gotta learn em young

Today I decided to take my roommate's dog to the park. It was a lovely day and because everyone was so fascinated with the gorgeous puppy I had with me no one said anything about me...except this one time.

On our way home we passed a group of 12 year old boys. One of them called out "I like your dog!" I smiled and said thank you, but just as I passed them he said to me "I like 'dat ass."


My first instinct was to keep going- to absorb the insult and to shake it off. But then my blood boiled at the thought that these kids were taught by the men in their life that this was ok, and would grow up thinking this was ok unless someone told them otherwise. That they might become the type of guy who would make women's life hell. I figured that a pack of preteens would not respond to logic. And so I decided to use fear.

One of them whispered to his friend "why did you say that?" but none of them were brave enough to face me. I kept walking toward them. They turned tail and ran.


I was feeling so good I even let out a "THAT'S RIGHT YOU BETTER RUN!" before continuing on my merry way, in even better spirits then before. Normally I don't advocate threatening random children, but in this case I considered it a public service.

Moral of the story: You wanna act big and bad? Be prepared to face the consequences.


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