Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I have begun training for a half marathon, assuming my right hip doesn’t fall off. (It turns out a life of mostly sedentary behavior does not prepare one’s body to train for long distance running. Who knew?)

I have decided not to discuss my runs in miles, because that’s boring and stupid. I now measure my runs in how many times the Pandora station or my gym plays a Justin Bieber song. Today, I ran seven Justin Biebers. SEVEN BIEBERS, people!

Unrelated and equally fascinating, I have selected my husband’s Valentine’s gift. It is amazing, and I need to brag.

If my younger sibling does not get their shit together, it will also be their birthday gift.

Follow the link if you’re brave.


While I was at my shitty retail job, I received a phone call from the folks who blessed me with FluterDog. She has several nephews who are currently in need of a good home.

I’m not going to get super excited because we’ve been playing phone tag for several weeks, but ...

Illustration for article titled Miscellaneous Overshares

(Dogs pictured not actually FluterDog’s nephews, but are super cute!)

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