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Misogynistic Mansplaining Time

An email I received in response to an ad I posted on Craigslist (I know, but I’m not above trying all avenues when it comes to love and dating). This type of thinking makes me feel like an incubator. Guess I’m doomed to slutty spinsterdom if I don’t want to procreate:

Mahatma Gandhi ? Really ? Love with life? If you don’t want kids where is the “life” part in what Gandhi said? You prove here that you haven’t much from this life. If you think that you’re gonna have a love life with a man that can have kids go ahead. You’ll find men that only exploit the sexual side of life if you don’t give them kids because life without kids is a sterile life. PROCREATING is that’s what LIFE IS. What came first : the chicken or the egg? What came first : the kids or the word “I love you”. When you’re gonna answer and understand CORRECTLY this last question then you’ll understand CORRECTLY what LIFE IS. Your arrogance that, at your age, you understand what life is denotes the contrary. Even when we are 100 years old, at that age, we’re still learning day by day what life and love is.


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