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Misogyny In Tattooing: A Real Time Example

Luke Wessman is a tattoo artist that has some clout.

Yet Wessman says stuff like this, (I know "stuff like this" isn't the most academic term, forgive me) perpetuating the misogyny that seemingly constantly appears in tattooing culture.

Wessman is a self-made man and tattooer- I won't take that fact away from him. He specializes in traditional styles of tattooing, and is also really good at black and grey work. He currently works out of Wooster Street Social Club, (most TLC viewers remember that shop from "New York Ink"), and was featured as a judge on last season of "Ink Master."

Wessman singled out WOMEN in particular. Let's forget about all of the men with bad tattoo work. If a woman receives a bad tattoo, it's her fault for not researching enough. By Luke's logic....if a man gets a bad tattoo...who cares?

Because Wessman is such a public figure in an industry that I love and support, this tweet was really disheartening for me to see. This is just a little taste of the misogyny that goes on in our own community.

Authors Note: Wessman is a heavily tattooed white man . Understanding that, I would say that this kind of culture perpetuates in a lot of shops-no matter if the artists are white men, artists of color, etc,-that I've visited while researching artists in my personal experience. Women are constantly maligned more so than men, even though arguably, as Friday Jones once said to me in an email, the female housewife has more to lose getting tattooed than a burly construction worker.


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