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Misophonia and the shared office

I know there are a million worse things going on in the fucked up world right now. But oh my sweet baby Jeebus, my coworker is killing me. I have an issue with sounds, eating sounds in particular, but also repetitious sounds. They drive me nuts, like to the point where I am filled with rage. I share an office, like desk to desk, with a woman who eats constantly like a wild animal, burps audibly and never excuses herself and who pounds on her keyboard like a crazed monkey. Really, I have never worked with anyone who eats so often, although the issue is not the eating so much as the sounds. Chomping, smacking, slurping, swallowing. I think I even hear her epiglottis flapping. And the keyboard pounding...her fingers must either hurt at the end of the day or be incredibly calloused.

When she’s not chomping or pounding, she’s a lovely person. It’s just the rest of the time that I’m driven insane. I have headphones but they’re just earbuds. I’m thinking of investing in some noise canceling ones, but the price is a little daunting.


Anyone have any suggestions on how to survive this?

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