I just finished the first series (thank you, Netflix!) and plan to keep plowing ahead through all 34 available episodes.

For those not familiar, you can read up here.

If lady detectives from 1920s Melbourne aren’t your thing, Phryne (pronounced “Fry-Knee”) Fisher is a fierce feminist whose rags-to-riches life story includes everything from drugs and sex and jazz to picking up judo and Mandarin and a diaphragm. She is played exquisitely by Essie Davis (who, at 45 is killing it as the 28 y.o. Phryne).

Her best bud is a lesbian doctor, Mac (whose tailored suits and ascots and fedoras I want to steal just for my personal wardrobe). Her companion, Dot, is a nice Catholic girl who is weirdly comfortable being regularly put in harms way and going undercover. For real, her and Dot are super awesome together.

And though she regularly beds whoever she feels like, there’s regular hardcore eye-fucking with Inspector Jack Robinson that will make you blush.


Last but not least: The clothes. Oh my god, the clothes!



Anyway, the show is pretty awesome, yeah?