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Missing Man in NC - Repost

I know I keep posting about this, but just in case (you never know what new eyes might matter). An old family friend, childhood friend of mine has been missing in the Brevard area of NC after a car accident. It seems that he skidded on ice, his car flipped and the passenger side went into the river. There is evidence that he kicked the door open and walked away, but no one can find him.

If you or anyone you know is in the area, please share this with them. We all know that enough time has passed that they are probably searching for a body, but it's hard to give up hope. His family is desperate and devastated.


Growing up, he was like the distant, somewhat mean older brother I never had. Andrew drove us to the movies, and introduced us to his cute older friends. He taught my brother how to play golf and used to bounce me really high on our trampoline. They used to hit golf balls at me and his sister. When I was slightly too young, he helped babysit my siblings with me when my parents went out of town once or twice. When we played capture the flag, I was always put on his team so his athleticism could balance out my utter uncoordination. I haven't maintained touch with him since we grew up and went our separate ways, but my family has been friends with his for 20 years. I know his sister (my childhood BFF) and he are very close, and she is heartbroken.

I don't know why the articles insist upon using a mug shot, but here is a recent picture of him.

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