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Hey there Groupthinkers and longterm relationshippers, I come to you for a spot of advice.

The thing is this, since last monday Boobieguy has been staying with his parents. To work on his motorcycle and to relax. Not because of any relationship trouble but because he’s been overworked lately. A while ago I mentioned being concerned about him and as it turns out, my concern wasn’t misplaced or even projection. A few weeks ago his bosses asked him to go see a therapist and luckily he did. The therapist advised him to take a month off work (to start with) because he thought he might be right on the edge of burnout, if not there already. His work agreed and so he’s been home since last week. Monday he went to his parents and.. I don’t know if I miss him..? That worries me. Is this a symptom of something I need to be worried about/looking out for?

Frankly it’s a busy week for me and it’s been calming to be alone all this time. It’s been surprisingly hard to try and be there for him while also trying to take care of myself. When he was working, I’d have to somehow manage his feelings of frustration and exhaustion (and carefully trying to nudge him to do things that I know will help) while also managing my own, but only in the evenings and weekends. Now we’re both home, both have the ‘homework’ of making ourselves happy and putting ourselves first, but I can’t help also putting him first. And I know he’s the same way. It just feels so busy when he’s home. He’s so hyper, there’s always so much sound and things to do and movement and we talk so so much. And it’s always in cool talk. It’s beginning to exhaust me that there’s not a normal sentence in there. He just has so much energy, even as he’s nearing a burnout. I don’t know how to handle it. I still love him just the same and seeing his face light up at something still makes me so happy. I’m still happy to hear from him (we facetime every day and he’s showing me progress on his motorbike) but at the same time I’m revelling in the silence and know that I’ve been more easily agitated at his energy than I should. And I know it’s because I’m still tired and because he’s tired.. It just.. Worries me.


Has anyone been through something like this before? Did it turn alright? I guess I need to know that this isn’t some terribly bad omen that I haven’t seen him for 2 days and I don’t miss him. Is that silly?

Updated: Word on the street seems to be that this isn’t so strange and happy relationshipping can still ensue. I feel relieved to hear that.

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